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Sediment Treatment

Specialists in dredging

Lake and Lagoon Dredging is a new UK-based dredging company specialising in the removal and treatment of sediment from a wide range of water bodies using innovative and cost-effective methods. 

We operate a range of road-transportable equipment including cutter suction dredgers, floating pumps and excavators mounted on pontoons. Our purpose-built plant is designed to be flexible, robust and economical, whether tackling small-scale ponds or large lakes

Bespoke solutions

We provide bespoke solutions to our clients’ individual dredging issues.

We visit all sites in person and directly liaise with clients to obtain a full understanding of all the salient issues – ranging from disposal issues to habitat concerns. Our business model is designed to offer environmentally sensitive services that can also bring you cost efficiencies.

A complete service

We work in conjunction with professional bodies that provide a rigorous and scientific framework on which we can provide a sound and cost effective methodology. We also liaise with regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency to acquire the relevant dredge and disposal licences and permits.


Lakes, ponds & water bodies

Harbours, Marinas & Navigable Waterways


Tailing Ponds & Lagoons

Rivers & Drainage

Golf Courses, Fishing Lakes & Heritage Sites

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